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Original Keto Mylk

There’s a new O.G. on the Plant-Based block. Our Original Keto Mylk features smooth coconut cream, with less than 1g carbs and 5g MCTs per serving. It’s irresistible in shakes, energy balls, and any other Keto concoction you dream up. Mooala has the Ke-to your Plant-Based heart. Um, love!

Vanilla Crème Keto Mylk

Vanilla Crème Keto Mylk…doesn’t it sound like a cloud your Keto head could take a nap on? Rest easy with less than 1g carbs and 5g MCTs per serving in this silky, creamy deliciousness. It’ll be your new go-to for shakes, baked goods, or just by the glass after a refreshing workout. Did we mention it tastes like vanilla frosting?

Chocolaty Chip Keto Mylk

If you give a Keto-head a cookie, he’ll probably ask for a glass of Keto Mylk. If only you had Mooala in your fridge! Next time you’re hangry for something sweet, we’ve got you covered with Chocolaty Chip Keto Mylk. It’s the perfect treat for your shakes, baked goods or even by the glass. In summary: delicious cookie flavor in a cold glass of Plant-Based mylk. Any questions?

Cinnamon Roll Keto Mylk

Say hello to Cinnamon Roll Keto Mylk! Honest to goodness, it tastes like baked deliciousness you’d pick up at the mall food court. Except it has MCTs. And it’s liquid. And there’s a spotted koala on the front. Otherwise – it’s kind of the same! One day, someone will create Cinnamon Rolls made out of kale. Until then…make Mooala Cinnamon Roll your Plant-Based alternative!

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