The 411 on Bananamilk

Everything You Need to Know About Bananamilk

If it feels like almost everyone you know has either considered, is trying or relies on dairy-free milk, it’s because it’s true. Nearly 7 out of every 10 American adults have tried a non-dairy beverage. About 1 in 3 drink it at least weekly.

Maybe you’re one of those people. Maybe you’re trying to be. Maybe you’re even skeptical. Whether the reason is lactose intolerance, better taste, allergies, digestion, veganism or a love for the planet, millions of Americans are flocking to the dairy-free section daily.

By now you’ve likely heard of the tried and trues: almond milk, coconut milk, soy milk and the ever-popular oat milk—just to name a few.

But there’s one you’re guaranteed to go bananas for. Yep, you guessed it: Bananamilk.

What Is Bananamilk?

Bananamilk is a nut-free, dairy-free drink. It’s simply made from blended bananas and water.

Our concoction tastes like your favorite banana bread without any of the added sugar. Made from real bananas, you can satisfy that craving knowing you’re doing yourself—and the planet—some good.

Bananamilk Benefits

And we mean loooooots of good. Each serving of Mooala’s organic Original Bananamilk contains:

Potassium is an essential electrolyte and helps with hydration.

Only naturally occurring sugars from bananas are found in each serving of our Bananamilk! No excess sugar = all delicious.

To help build and maintain strong bones!

Quality, certified organic ingredients. Now that’s appeeling.

Need we say more? What is there not to love in Original Bananamilk?

Plus, it’s gluten-, nut-, soy-, carrageenan- and GMO-free. Heck yeah.

Where to buy Bananamilk

Looking for Bananamilk near you? Check out Mooala’s Store Finder.

You can also order online from our website or Amazon.

Definitely try this at home

For the over-achievers who like to make Bananamilk—rather than buy it—consider making Bananamilk. Here’s one of our favorite Bananamilk recipes, from Lisa Bryan at Downshiftology.

Want the same great homemade Bananamilk flavor without the hassle?

Purchasing Mooala’s Bananamilk gives you the same great homemade Bananamilk taste (our Founder literally made this recipe in his own kitchen!), along with time back in your day. Pick up a bottle (or three) of our organic Original Bananamilk and go crazy with any of our recipes.

The bottom line is: Yes, you can have your bananas and drink them too.