About Mooala

The Backstory

A Kitchen Creation

A kitchen creation that we brought from our kitchen to yours. Jeff, our Founder and CEO, was diagnosed with lactose intolerance in his 30s and was shocked that the almond milks on the shelf were packed with sugars and sketchy ingredients - like carrageenan and rape seed oil.

Jeff began tinkering around in his kitchen, using clean ingredients like organic almonds to make an almond milk that HE wanted to drink. He nailed it - with consistency, quality and taste - and then he bottled it up so he could share it with the world.

(Of course the full story is much more comprehensive, but we like to keep our storytelling short, simple and to the point.)

Today, Mooala is known for being a leading organic brand in the growing alt-dairy categroy, making a suite of alt-dairy milks made from almonds, oats, bananas and coconuts. We have been ranked as a top beverage by Good Housekeeping and the #1 healthiest plant-based milk by Eat This, Not That! No matter which beverage you choose, we are always dairy free, always organic, and always great-tasting.

Mooala's Impact

We believe goodness should flow deeper than the beverages themselves, which is why we support non-profit micro finance organizations in developing countries. These groups provide entrepreneurs and economies with a “hand up” - not a hand out - and provide tremendous support to communities in need. A portion of all of our profits to support these organizations.