What is Keto Mylk?

Everything You Need to Know About Keto mylk

You may have heard of a new diet that has been gaining popularity in the United States that has been dubbed the "keto" diet. Over 12.9 million Americans follow the unique Keto diet to improve cholesterol, lower blood pressure and to reduce body weight. The Keto diet aims to shift your body's metabolism to burn fat for energy by restricting your carbohydrate intake.

Following a proper Keto diet does involve higher attention to food intake. There are three main categories to the basis of nutrition under the keto diet.

This includes:

  • Decreasing carbs - carbs should account for 5-10% of daily calories.
  • Increasing fats - 70-80% of daily calories should come from fat
  • Moderate Protein - 10-20% of daily calories

Looking for a high fat, low carb alternative milk? We’ve got you covered. Cue… Keto Mylk™.

What Is Keto MYLK™ ?

Keto Mylk is a creamy, plant-based, organic and keto-friendly milk alternative that fits perfectly into a Keto diet with less than 1g carbs and 5g MCTs in each 1 cup (8 oz.) serving.


Keto Mylk is made with organic coconut cream, and organic MCT oil to create a clean and delicious milk alternative. Mooala’s Keto Mylk compliments any Keto recipe and tastes amazing in shakes and smoothies. With 0g of sugar per serving, it's a no-brainer for all those Keto warriors out there to enhance their diets.

keto mylk Benefits

Since Dairy milk is considered high in carbs, it is not a keto-friendly product. but Never fear, we’ve created a product that is so keto-friendly it’s literally in the name: : KETO MYLK. Many other benefits are tied to our Keto : KETO MYLKincluding:

Making it extremely Keto-friendly!

Only naturally occurring sugars from coconut cream are found in each serving of our Keto Mylk! No excess sugar = all delicious.

Provides a healthy source of energy!

Keep a healthy diet and support a healthy planet.

Need we say more? What is there not to love in Keto Mylk?

KETO MYLK™ flavors

Whether you’re looking for a milk that’s simple and smooth or a flavor that will drive you wild – there’s a Keto Mylk for you! Explore all of our flavors:

Honest to goodness, it tastes like baked deliciousness you’d pick up at the mall food court. Except it has MCTs. And it’s liquid. Otherwise – it’s kind of the same! One day, someone will create Cinnamon Rolls made out of kale. Until then, behold Cinnamon Roll Keto Mylk.

Imagine that first bite of a warm, freshly baked cookie on a fall evening; that's what we're going for with this flavor. Made with creamy organic coconut cream there's no better thing to include in desserts, smoothies and shakes.

With a light vanilla flavor, the vanilla creme Keto Mylk is the perfect enhancement to coffees and hot teas. Wake up ready to go (after caffeine, of course) with Keto Mylk.

Who doesn't have a special place in their heart for the OG? Enjoy our original flavor of Keto Mylk in any of your favorite Keto recipes to enhance your diet.

Plus, it’s gluten-, nut-, soy-, carrageenan- and GMO-free. Heck yeah.

Where to buy Keto Mylk?

Ready to drop everything and start on a Keto diet? Just kidding! We know it is an adjustment, but Mooala’s Keto Mylk makes your transition easy – and extra tasty.

Looking for Keto Mylk near you? Check out Mooala’s Store Finder.

You can also order online from our website or Amazon.