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We’re Mooala, and our mission is simple: to make outstanding, organic, dairy-free beverages for you, and to benefit the greater good. You can read more about Mooala here.

Mooala is based in Dallas, TX!

Our products are manufactured at facilities in Southern California and Canada.

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Thank you for reaching out! All inquiries will be addressed by the next business day.

If you're looking for our products, please check out our Store Finder to find Mooala near you! You can filter your search to produce results for the specific product you are looking for by selecting from the “Products” menu. You can also now by select Mooala products on Amazon and on our website!

If you can't find Mooala in store, feel free to request us by filling out and dropping off a Request Mooala form at your go-to grocer. As a small and growing company, customer requests are often the reason we expand into new retailers. Thanks for sharing the Mooala love!

Mooala products maintain their quality freshness from 7 - 10 days after opening!

Our perishable products need to remain refrigerated! Our shelf-stable products (in cartons), can remain unrefrigerated prior to opening, but once opened should be refrigerated.

Yes, they are! All Mooala products are USDA-Organic certified. Organic products are always non-GMO, but non-GMO is not always Organic. Organic products are grown without the use of most synthetic pesticides and in a sustainable way to protect soil quality. The rules on non-GMO are much looser.

Nope! We take pride in carefully selecting ingredients for our products, and are happy to say that they are all carrageenan free.

Nope! All Mooala products are gluten-free, including our Oatmilk, which uses gluten free oats.

Our beverages are certified USDA-Organic, and therefore they are held to a higher standard. By law, Organic products must not contain any MSG, BHA, propylene glycol or GMOs. We carefully source our flavors to make sure they are derived from the primary ingredients featured on the label, and our flavors are vetted through a certification process that allows them to be used in organic products.

The current allergens at our facility are Almonds, Nuts, Coconut, Dairy Milk, Soy, Wheat, Shellfish, Sesame and Sulfites. We know that folks are often purchasing our Bananamilk products for allergen-sensitive family member, which is why we take our production process seriously. We use a rigorous CIP (clean-in-place) sterilization process on the equipment after running any allergens and then test each production run for the Major 8 allergens before releasing the product. This process alerts us to any cross-contamination issues while the product is still in the facility, allowing you to feel confident and safe purchasing Bananamilk for your household. If you have any other allergen, or product related questions, don’t hesitate to send us a note!

We do the leg work

So you don't have to do the guess work.

At Mooala, we pride ourselves in working with the best ingredient suppliers across the globe. Suppliers who believe in what we care about: sustainability, quality and flavor.

Peel back the layers with us.

Organic Bananas

Let's get nutty.

Organic Almonds

We did it again.

Organic Oats

How sweet it is.

Organic Honey